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  1. Carlotta Rossi Spencer Steps into Branded Content Post at Banijay

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    Content powerhouse Banijay, today announces its previous Head of Format Acquisitions, Carlotta Rossi Spencer, has taken up a new role as Head of Branded Content Business Development. The global-spanning, newly created role, tasks her with overseeing the delivery and fulfilment of new deals in this space, driving market penetration and revenue growth.

    Reporting to the group’s Chief Strategy Officer, Marie Schweitzer, the position will see Rossi Spencer work collaboratively with the company’s local talent to enable and support new partnerships and opportunities to drive maximum value worldwide.

    Marie Schweitzer comments: “While our labels around the world have worked in the branded content space for some time, there was a need to take a holistic view on this area of the business and explore innovative ways to drive further opportunity. Carlotta was always a determined acquirer and we’ve no doubt she’ll now be an impressive force in this field as we collectively build out our strategy.”

     Carlotta Rossi Spencer comments: “I’m so looking forward to embarking on this new challenge. Having spent a number of years in acquisitions, the time was right for a change, and I’m pleased to be supporting the group in ramping up its efforts in branded content. There is so much room for further growth and in investing the time in building new relationships, I’ve no doubt 2023 has a lot in store for Banijay, and its reputation in being the perfect go-to for global brands.”

    Previously Rossi Spencer served as Head of Format Acquisitions for Banijay and was responsible for acquiring Unscripted formats with cross-country appeal for the group’s 120+ production entities. Leading the process from industry analysis to negotiation and completion, she established strong relationships worldwide, aiding the business in its ambitions to be a top destination and go-to for content developers, distributors and brand managers alike. As part of the role, she also assisted the in-footprint production labels with the local roll-out of all formats acquired, as well as Temptation Island.

    Outside Banijay, she has also held several roles in research and development, having begun her career in journalism and communications. The new role is effective immediately.

  2. Banijay Toasts Wild Cooks

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    Banijay, the world’s largest independent home to the best creative talent and IP, today announces it has acquired the exclusive global format distribution rights to Wild Cooks, a genre-busting series from French-Canadian production company Toast in collaboration with Quebecor Content.


    Adventurous cooks from all walks of life compete in the wildest, most enthralling culinary battle on television. Super chefs leave the comfort of their professional kitchens behind and are dropped into an isolated forest camp by helicopter. Battling the elements, as well as their own food cravings and fatigue, the chefs must ambitiously prepare dishes using surprising ingredients and an open flame. Under time pressure to deliver and impress the judges, who will be the wildest cook?


    Created for the French- Canadian audience by local production company Toast, Wild Cooks launched on VRAI, the leading French-Canadian unscripted SVOD service, and was so popular a second season will be launch this week. The format will become part of the Banijay catalogue, with the company globally representing the show, excluding French-Canada.


    Carlotta Rossi Spencer, Head of Format Acquisitions at Banijay says: “There is something very cool about this unique series which combines the very best elements of cookery and adventure reality formats. As creatives, we can use our know-how and expertise with MasterChef and Survivor, to collaborate and bring Wild Cooks to the international marketplace, and it will be exciting to see another format from French-Canada travel the world. Being a responsible producer, it also feels incredibly important to showcase sustainable food and amazing landscapes with the content we represent.”


    Ian Quenneville, Producer at Toast Studio says: “This unique competition format Wild Cooks combines reality and survival genres with the wilderness and amazing chefs, who are cooking incredible and unexpected meals out of nothing! We can’t wait for the world to be entertained but mostly inspired by this fresh approach to culinary formats. It’s time to reconnect with nature… which has so much to offer”


    Cynthia Kennedy, Vice-President, Distribution of Incendo and Quebecor Content says: “We are looking forward to seeing this incredible format take the world by storm with Banijay. It’s a truly unique reality show that leads viewers on an exciting journey of discovery into cooking, survivalism, and the unspoiled wilds. We are confident that audiences around the world will respond to this format which showcases Québec’s creative talent.”


    This deal follows the recent news that Banijay’s Still Got It!, having landed an acquisition of an original, new factual entertainment format from South African prod-co Rebelintown. Banijay has also picked up two new Korean formats with Exchange from CJ ENM, and C21 Format Award nominee Bloody Game from MBC.


    These formats join Banijay’s catalogue of over 4000 formats, beside flagship brands Survivor, Hunted, MasterChef, LEGO Masters and Big Brother, as well as the company’s portfolio of fresh new IP Starstruck, Limitless Win, The Courtship, Your Body Uncovered and more.

  3. Banijay EXchanges Multi-Territory Contract with Korea’s CJ ENM

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    Banijay today announces it has landed a multi-territory deal for new relationship format, EXchange. Acquired from CJ ENM, it is a show of new loves and old flames and successfully launched in Korea last summer. The deal will see Banijay represent the format across the Nordics, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Australia.

    EXchange sees young couples, who split-up in the past, live together for three weeks, some hope to reconnect while others are ready to find new love. There is just one rule; you can’t reveal who your ex is. Even the audience is initially oblivious as the participants get to know each other through dates and the ex’s insights. Every evening each person sends a text message to the person they’re interested in. Whilst anonymous, the one thing they do know is if it is from their ex or not.  Everything changes mid-season as the couples are revealed and so are the senders of the texts. Emotions change, connections are made, and love rekindles, culminating in the final episode when each single must announce who they’d like to leave the show with.

    As an original format from CJ ENM’s SVOD platform TVING, EXchange launched last year and showed continuous growth of UV every time new episodes were released and became the highest-viewed show on the platform among the entire slate of original content. TVING also recorded the highest number of paid subscribers with the show’s release. The first season of EXchange was particularly popular amongst younger viewers and went viral on SNS, leading to a second series order. The show also represented Korea as the National Winner for Best Original Programme by a Streamer/OTT at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021.

    Carlotta Rossi Spencer, Head of Acquisitions at Banijay said: “This relationship format has unbounded potential, it’s a truly authentic show catering for a younger audience who long for real feelings and genuine love stories. CJ ENM has created numerous engaging formats which add twists to popular tropes, and EXchange is a prime example. As past relationships are kept secret from the audience as well, the element of guessing had Korean viewers gripped, and we’re expecting a huge amount of interest in this innovative format.”

    Diane Min, Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM said: “We are excited to work with Banijay to bring EXchangeto multiple markets, one of our biggest and most successful non-scripted launches last year. This is a relatable format primarily dealing with love and relationships, which ordinary people experience throughout life’s journey. I am confident the candidness of human emotions delivered in EXchange will touch the audience’s heart across the world.”

     EXchange will join Banijay’s 120,000+ hour catalogue which includes other relationship shows including new IP, The Courtship, and global format Temptation Island. As well as flagship brands SurvivorHunted, MasterChefLEGO® Masters, and Big Brother.

  4. Banijay Signs Bloody Game Deal with Korea’s MBC

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    Banijay, the world’s largest independent home to the best creative talent and IP, today announces it has acquired the exclusive multi-territory format rights to Bloody Game, an innovative new Korean format from MBC.

    Bloody Game is a competition reality series where one fierce survivor walks away with a grand cash prize. To win, they must beat their rivalrous competitors, who live together in a secret house and face a series of challenges with no contact from the outside world. To avoid elimination, the contestants use tactics, form alliances, or else engage in player-to-player conspiracies whilst competing in games. When evicted, they are sent to a secret room where they reside for the remainder of the game. Unless, however, they succeed in a final chance to return upstairs for the Bloody Game to continue with a hope to walk away with the prize.

    The deal will see Banijay represent the format in nine countries across Europe, with potential to be adapted in France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

    The series launched in Korea in November last year, drawing subscribers to OTT channel WAVVE, who partnered with MBC on the show.

    Bloody Game has just been nominated for a C21 Format Award, with the winner revealed at MIPTV in Cannes. Also at the market, Banijay’s Carlotta Rossi Spencer will be speaking on a FRAPA panel titled ‘The Rise of International Partnerships and Co-Productions’ on Monday March 4th.

    Carlotta Rossi Spencer, Head of Format Acquisitions at Banijay says: “With real prize money on the line, the stakes are high in this uncompromising new survival game, where the winner takes it all. Packed with intriguing games and reality, Bloody Game brings the much-admired creativity of recent Korean dramas to the unscripted world. It is a bold show which explores important themes. It’s always brilliant to partner with producers around the world and bring their content to the global marketplace.”

    Jean Hur, Director of Format Sales at MBC says: “There are numerous survival formats out there, but MBC’s Bloody Game is above the rest, packed with unique twists to absorb viewers in each episode and action which unfolds beyond anything you could imagine. We hope the show will follow the global path of other Korean formats which have travelled the world.”

    This deal follows the recent news that Banijay’s Still Got It!, having landed an acquisition of an original, new factual entertainment format from South African prod-co Rebelintown.

    These formats join Banijay’s catalogue of over 4000 formats, beside flagship brands Survivor, Hunted, MasterChef, LEGO Masters and Big Brother, as well as the company’s portfolio of fresh new IP Starstruck, Limitless Win, The Courtship, Your Body Uncovered and more.

  5. Banijay’s Still Got It with Cutting-Edge South African Partnership

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    Banijay, the world’s largest independent home to the best creative talent and IP, today announces it has acquired the exclusive format rights to an original new factual entertainment series from Rebelintown.

    Created by Jimmy Muteba at the South African based production company, Still Got It! sees older people aged 60- 80 competing in a series of fun and unexpected challenges with the help of the Gen Z crowd, to see which of them has Still Got It!. From modelling, songwriting, dancing, gaming, cooking, art and adventure sports, the vibrant older people are put to the test by their younger counterparts. A cash prize is up for grabs by the person who impresses a panel of influential young judges.

     Known locally in South Africa as The Coolest OGs, the series made its worldwide debut in June last year on free-to-air channel SABC and was licensed to SVOD platform Showmax in September. Rebelintown retains the rights to distribute the format in Africa, working in partnership with Banijay on a non-exclusive basis in North Africa, and with Banijay exclusively responsible for deals across the rest of the world.

    Carlotta Rossi Spencer, Head of Format Acquisitions at Banijay says: “With a burgeoning creative industry in South Africa, it’s an exciting time to bring Rebelintown’s Still Got It! to the international market. Here at Banijay, we are constantly looking for new innovative partners, and fresh creative IP, and we see great potential in this positive, intergenerational show. We are impressed with the unscripted content created by the team at Rebelintown and look forward to bringing an original show from South Africa to the international market.”

    Jimmy Muteba, CEO of Rebelintown says: “There is a growing movement which sees African creativity having its moment in the spotlight. This format cuts across generations and with its universal nature, Still Got It! holds great potential to be adapted across the globe. Banijay is a company that has long inspired me creatively with local versions of big, noisy formats such as MasterChef, Survivor and Big Brother so popular here in South Africa, and we are incredibly pleased to be heading to the world stage and joining their premium quality slate.”

    Other credits for Rebelintown include TRACE Music Star, the world’s first music talent search competition where the public could enter simply by recording their song on a phone call. The show was licensed to TRACE, and rolled out across fourteen African countries, over three seasons, and also sold to France. High-profile judges included

    Wyclef Jean, Akon, Keri Hilson and Dawala.

    Still Got It! will join Banijay’s catalogue of over 4000 formats, beside flagship brands Survivor, Hunted, MasterChef, LEGO Masters and Big Brother, as well as the company’s portfolio of fresh new IP Starstruck, Limitless Win, The Courtship and more.

  6. Banijay’s Name That Tune Makes Comeback in Germany

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    Banijay Productions Germany, a Banijay company, today confirms it will produce, Let the Music Play – Das Hit Quiz (Name That Tune) for SAT.1.


    Returning after 20 years, the German adaptation will be hosted by Amiaz Habtu, and Wolf & The Gang will perform the music. Blending nostalgia with current pop culture, songs from any genre and any decade are played live in the studio on this musical gameshow. Let the Music Play – Das Hit Quiz sees three contestants battle it out across five rounds to see who can correctly name the song the quickest – only one contestant will go through to the final and be in with the chance of walking away with €10,000.


    Arno Schneppenheim, CEO of Banijay Productions Germany comments: “We’re looking forward to adding our twist to the well-loved format and putting Germany’s music knowledge to the test. Amiaz Habtu is the perfect fit to host Let the Music Play – Das Hit Quiz and we’re excited for audiences to enjoy the music.”


    Carlotta Rossi Spencer, Head of Format Acquisitions comments: “Having recently added this format to our catalogue, it is great to secure another commission. The format taps into what audiences love about gameshows, whilst the live music brings a celebratory, fun atmosphere, both for the contestants and those playing along at home.”


    Let the Music Play is based on globally-renowned format, Name That Tune, which has already travelled to 26 markets to date. Originally created in America, the traditional gameshow re-launched on FOX in January 2021, hosted by Jane Krakowski with Randy Jackson leading the band.


    Since Banijay added the format to its catalogue earlier this year, Name That Tune has enjoyed renewed success. Produced by Banijay Italia, the second series broke records for TV8, becoming the second most-watched entertainment programme aired in prime time for the channel during the 2020/21 season. In the UK, the format has also received increased attention, with two episodes airing as part of ITV’s “Epic Gameshow.” The first episode was ITV’s highest-rated show of the day and the second had a peak audience of 3.51 million viewers.


    Banijay Rights distributes the format outside of the US, Canada, Australia, Russia and Poland.

  7. Banijay Acquires Mystery Duets Across Multiple Territories From Can’t Stop Media

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    Following the successful TF1 prime-time launch of shiny-floor entertainment show, “Mystery Duets” (aka “Duos Mysteres”), on Friday 26th February, the channel has greenlit the commission of more episodes scheduled to broadcast later this year. Production will commence as early as May. The show was considered an instant hit, leading the night across all demos and was labeled by the broadcaster as its best launch since “Masked Singer”, in September 2019.


    Following a first batch of exclusive deals with ITV Studios, MTV3, Vincent TV and Blu Yazmine in 12 territories, CAN’T STOP media is today announcing it has agreed a multi-territory development deal with Banijay spanning Brazil, India, Mexico, New Zealand Poland, Portugal, Russia and Spain.


    Created and produced by DMLSTV, the company behind hit format “The Secret Song” (also distributed by CAN’T STOP media), the show sees the nation’s most famous singers and celebrities sing a duet without knowing with whom they will share the stage! They each repeat the song without suspecting the other celebrity who they are alongside in their performance. It is only in the middle of the song that they discover each other’s identity, as the screen between them rises. Viewers at home play along as one of the two performers’ identity is kept secret.



    Matthieu Porte, CAN’T STOP media’s cofounder, says:Mystery Duets was highly talked about in the industry, well-ahead of its launch. The premiere lived up to its promise in terms of production value, emotion and ratings! We are really happy French viewers will get new opportunities to play along and enjoy such fantastic duets and can’t wait to see which country will be next out of the 20 where the show is being developed”.


    Fabrice Bailly, Director of Programs at TF1, says: “Non-scripted programming is a major genre within TF1’ scheduling. We are very proud to add Mystery Duets, an original format, to our successful primetime line-up, alongside hit formats such as Masked Singer, The Voice, Survivor or The Secret Song.


    Carlotta Rossi-Spencer, Head of Formats Acquisition at Banijay, says: “With Covid affecting everyone around the world, viewers continue to seek out entertaining, escapist and above all, fun shows. “Mystery Duets” ticks all these boxes and is one for the whole family to engage with together – another key trend we’re seeing in audiences. In partnership with our talented teams globally, I’ve no doubt we can ramp this format up further across international screens.”


  8. Banijay Tunes in to Family Entertainment

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    Banijay today announces the addition of Name That Tune to its burgeoning 100,000-hour catalogue, having secured the format’s global distribution rights. Given the title’s previous commissions, the deal excludes the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and Poland.


    Born in the 1950s, this long-running, family-friendly show is still an audience favourite, combining music and competition. Battling it out over an assortment of games, two contestants try to prove they possess more musical knowledge than the other. A key element of this format is the band. They perform live resulting in an electric atmosphere within the studio. In truth, the questions will span any decade and any genre, so the contestants must be able to tell their Elvis from their Kanye. However, defeating their opponent is not the sole goal. To be in with a chance of taking home the top cash prize, the victorious contestant has to get to the final round and correctly identify seven songs within 30 seconds.


    To date, Name That Tune has been adapted in twenty-six markets including the UK, Australia and Brazil. In line with the format take-up, Banijay Italia has confirmed it will bring the highly-anticipated second series to TV8 this spring. This follows the format’s successful return to Fox in the USA on the 6th January 2021, where it exceeded expectations among 18 – 49-year olds.


    Carlotta Rossi Spencer, Head of Format Acquisitions comments: Name That Tune has already proven popular with an international audience and we have no doubt we can extend its reach into new territories given its notoriety in the market as a highly entertaining, relevant, family show. A testament to the power of music and our love of gameshows, this format is perfect especially at a time when we are all after some light-hearted, comforting fun!”


    Banijay Rights will handle distribution for those territories outside the existing Banijay footprint.

  9. Banijay Raises Awareness Around Domestic Abuse

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    Banijay today announces it is set to raise awareness around domestic abuse via two new formats: Crimes of Passion, an acquisition and original production by La Bastoggi, and Love You To Death, from Jarowskij.


    The programmes stress the need to recognise the enormous social problem impacting millions of women globally, with the two formats placing emphasise back on the women and not the perpetrators. The victims are depicted in their own words or those of their close friends and family and the titles explore why so few report their partners, why in many cases they remain with their abuser and the shame and guilt which stems from that decision. Both shows ultimately focus on altering how these crimes are retold to reduce stigma and instead raise awareness and promote understanding.


    Crimes of Passion has aired in Italy since 2007 and was also broadcast in Spain on Telecinco. This 120’ format centres around femicide and in each episode leans on retellings to focus on one woman who was killed and the narrative of her family and close friends, as opposed to the judicial system. The women are the victims of obsessive love, violence and… ultimately, murder, and this high-end docu-fiction format mixes news footage, real footage, reconstructions and testimonies to bring to life the devastating impact domestic violence has on both the victims and those around them.


    Jarowskij-produced 6×30’ documentary, Love You To Death, is set for SVT and highlights the variations of abuse numerous women are subjected to from those they are in close relationships with.  These testimonies promote awareness around habits that occur over longer periods, as the diversity of those affected. Focusing on the survivors, the format includes their retellings of events, reconstructions, authentic images, trial recordings, private photos and movies to illustrate each woman’s narrative.


    Carlotta Rossi Spencer, Head of Format Acquisitions at Banijay said: “These formats shed light on an incredibly serious topic and issue facing millions of women around the world. As a large global player, we must take responsibility for highlighting the gravity and commonality of this issue and we hope both formats will prove valuable options for clients looking to raise awareness.”


    Both formats are now available via Banijay Rights.

  10. Guinness World Records Inks Biggest Ever Option Deal With Banijay Group

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    Guinness World Records (GWR) has announced it will partner with Banijay Group in an international sales drive for its primetime family entertainment show format.  The year-long deal marks the world-famous brand’s biggest option deal to date and will span 15 key markets including UK/Eire, USA, Australia and Germany.  The format has already been produced by Banijay Group’s Magnolia in Italy as five-part series, La Notte Dei Record, which premiered on TV8 in 2018, achieving impressive audience figures 26% above the slot average.


    The adrenaline-fuelled studio format features record-breaking in all its forms with hopefuls going head-to-head in record challenges as well as established record-holders vying to break their own world bests, all under the watchful eye of the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ adjudicator.


    Karen Gilchrist, Guinness World Records’ Director of Visual Content commented: “Just like our book, record-breaking has broad family appeal, making it perfect appointment-to-view entertainment.  Banijay’s contemporary approach to programme making and their in-depth market knowledge makes them the perfect partner for this project and we’re really looking forward to working together”


    Carlotta Rossi Spencer, SVP, Format Acquisitions, Banijay Group add: “The partnership with TGWR was a no brainer. With a brand that resonates worldwide, a format that is both scalable and hugely versatile, and an incredibly well-established audience and fan-base, the potential for a collaboration was obvious. Already we’ve seen the show perform well in Italy and are now looking forward to travelling it further across our footprint.”


    Celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2020, Guinness World Records has built up a massive global audience with over 16 million followers on Facebook, and over 5 million subscribers on YouTube.  It is also the third biggest brand in the world on TikTok with over 3 million followers. The world-famous book remains a perennial bestseller too with over 143 million copies sold to date.


    The 15 territories covered by the deal with Banijay Group are: UK/Eire; USA; Australia; New Zealand; Germany; France; Spain; Denmark; Norway; Sweden; Finland; Russia; Belgium; Netherlands and India.