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  1. DLO Producciones’ Hit Spanish Thriller, La Caza. Monteperdido, to be Adapted by Terence Films and Gétévé Productions

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    Banijay France today announces its latest thriller, an adaptation of La Caza. Monteperdido, the hit drama created by Banijay Iberia’s DLO Producciones. The French series, titled Rivière-Perdue, will be distributed by Banijay Rights and is a co-production between Banijay France labels Terence Films and Gétévé Productions, along with TF1.

    Originally produced in Spain by RTVE in collaboration with DLO Producciones, the critically-acclaimed psychological thriller, La Caza. Monteperdido was first created in 2019 following the success of Agustín Martínez’s best-selling novel, Monteperdido. It was produced by José Manuel Lorenzo and written by Agustín Martínez, Luis Moya, Antonio Mercero, Miguel Sáez Carral and Jorge Díaz. The debut series was watched by over two million viewers, with a 14% share, picked up a FesTVal Award, and continued its success with a second compelling season in 2021, and the third season which launched this year in March is now available on Netflix.

    In France, filming for the gripping 6 x 52-minute series, written by Eugénie Dard, Sylvain Caron et Elsa Vasseur, and directed by Jean-Christophe Delpias, is underway in the Pyrenees. In Rivière-Perdue, a car accident leads to the mysterious reappearance of Anna, a teenage girl who has been missing for five years. Commissioner Balthus (Jean-Michel Tinivelli) and Captain Alix Stern (Barbara Cabrita) investigate with the local police and embark on a race against time to find Lucie, who disappeared at the same time as Anna, but is nowhere to be seen.

    Bertrand Cohen, CEO at Terence Films says: “We are excited to collaborate with TF1 and Gétévé Productions to bring this successful Spanish novel and series to French audiences. We’ve worked on many book-to-screen adaptations, but this project has a strong central concept and overarching storyline, making it ideal for adaptation. Strong leading performances with Barbara Cabrita, Nicolas Gob, Jean-Michel Tinivelli, Odile Vuillemin, Bruno Debrandt, Annelise Hesme and Kamel Belghazi will ensure this suspenseful drama will leave viewers wanting more.”

    José Manuel Lorenzo, Managing Director and Producer at DLO Producciones says: “La Caza. Monteperdido is a sensationally tense and gripping drama which performed well here in Spain, and its narrative structure is perfect for a French adaptation. Filmed on location in the Pyrenees, the concept immerses viewers in the beautiful scenery, where mystery and nature become one more character in the story. I look forward to seeing how the nuances of the French version will unfold, keeping audiences guessing at every twist and turn.”

    Banijay France operates through fifteen production companies: for non-scripted – Adventure Line Productions, Air Productions, Banijay Productions France, DMLS TV, Endemol France, H20 Productions, KM Production and Tooco – and for scripted – Banijay Studio France, Shine Fiction which has recently announced its latest scripted show Carême, a co-production with VVZ Production for Apple TV+. Also within Banijay France are Fiction’Air, Marathon Studio, Terence Films, Montmartre Films and Screen Line. Producing a diversity of content for all French channels and platforms, its portfolio comprises both original creations and the adaptation of international formats. The country’s leading producer, it entertains more than 38 million people every week.

  2. Terence Films Creates High-End Louis Braille Drama for Global Market

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    Banijay France’s acclaimed scripted label, Terence Films, today announces a new premium drama in development, based on best-selling novel ‘The Hands of Louis Braille’ by Hélène Jousse.

    Patrice Leconte, the well-known French director and writer, behind hits Ridicule, Monsieur Hire, The Hairdresser’s Husband, The Man on the Train and the forthcoming feature film, Maigret et la Jeune Morte, with Gerard Depardieu, has immediately accepted to freely adapt the novel into a world-class drama. As well as directing, Leconte will partner with Serge Frydman (Now or Never, The Girl on the Bridge) to write the screenplay, tracing the life of young genius Louis Braille, who lost his sight at four years old. In the 1800s, through his desire to access knowledge in his early teens, Louis Braille revolutionised the world by creating the tactile writing system that bears his name.

    Bertrand Cohen and Stephane Meunier, Co-Founders of Terence Films comment: “Louis Braille is one of France’s most iconic figures, and while his writing system is known globally, the story of his life is largely untold. At a young age he changed the world for millions by creating a code that works in all alphabets and languages, even today. Based on a novel by Hélène Jousse, this drama is set to have widespread appeal, especially with Patrice Leconte on board to write and direct. With his impressive list of credits, he is ideally placed to take this extraordinary story and develop it into a high-end proposition for the international market.”

    Lars Blomgren, Head of Scripted at Banijay comments: “We have a very established scripted business in France, and this deal is further evidence of how our companies attract significant talent and IP. The story of Louis Braille is a fascinating one, and with the audience demand for untapped, diverse stories continuing to grow on both linear broadcasters and streaming platforms, there is huge potential globally for this inspirational drama.”

    Terence Films is behind numerous hit dramas. This year, the company has produced the fourth season of Criminal Pacific (18×52), two TV-movies of Poquelin & de Beaumont directed by Gabriel Aghion starring Clementine Celarie for France Television, and the feature film Magnificat, which is supported by an advance on earnings from the CNC (Orange Cinema – theatrical release in 2022). Magnificat is directed by Virginie Sauveur, starring Karin Viard and François Berléand. The company recently picked up the option rights to adapt French-language drama series Après (After), produced by Duo Productions, distributed by CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution.

    Led by François de Brugada, Banijay France is home to a line-up of boutique scripted labels with Terence Films, Marathon, Shine Fiction and Banijay Studios France, the company behind recent hit Germinal and the new major series for CANAL+ and BBC, Marie Antoinette.

    Banijay’s wider footprint is home to over 50 scripted labels, spearheaded by Lars Blomgren, and producing high-end, award-winning content for the local and international market. Recent and upcoming credits include SAS: Rogue Heroes (Kudos), Marie Antoinette (Banijay Studios France), Ripley (Endemol Shine North America), Then They Run (Kudos/ MadeFor), Countrymen (Rubicon), Call My Agent: Bollywood (Banijay Asia), Ronja the Robber’s Daughter (Filmlance for Viaplay), Heirs to the Land (Diagonal), Bonnie & Clyde (Banijay Benelux), Queens (Endemol Shine Israel) and Aarya (Endemol Shine India).

  3. Terence Films Launches Production on OPJ, South Pacific

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    Terence Films today confirms production has begun on OPJ, South Pacific. Hitting screens later this year, the new police investigation soap opera will air on France Télévisions’ France Ô. The first order is set to be 50×26’ episodes played across a week or 2×52’ episodes for one evening.


    Based on the original idea of Terence Films’ Co-Founder, Bertrand Cohen, OPJ, South Pacific tells the daily life of a group of investigators from a judicial police force in New Caledonia. The show will star Yaëlle Trules, who plays Clarissa, the commander of Nouméa’s police force. Equal parts brilliant and stubborn, she is a true leader at work, while single-handedly raising her two teenagers at home.


    Anchored in everyday life, OPJ, South Pacific addresses the aspirations and evils that are commonplace in contemporary society. Through the officers in the team, the series follows how they live and work together, and explores the visual, historical, cultural and societal traits of New Caledonia.


    The series will also be supported by a significant digital campaign, with young characters, Kelly and Agathe, inviting viewers to share their happiness, passions and dilemmas via daily posts on Facebook. Via photos, videos, 360° visuals, live posts and stories, the pair will drive interactivity and engagement outside of the traditional broadcast.


    Bertrand Cohen, Co-Founder of Terence Films & Executive Producer comments: “For the first time, we are bringing the French public a cop show entirely shot in the South Pacific. The 20×52’ format will also allow viewers to discover the daily and family life of these officers who have the chance to live in a dream location.”


    OPJ, South Pacific will be produced by Terence Films, with the participation of France Télévisions, France Ô, and TV5 Monde, with the support of the audiovisual and cinematographic production fund of New Caledonia, in partnership with the CNC. Bertrand Cohen and Stéphane Meunier will serve as executive producers for Terence Film. The episodes will be written by Eugénie Dard (Collection Director), José Caltagirone, Emmanuelle Dupuy, Juliette Gilot and Charlotte Joulia, and directed by François Bigrat and Matthieu Vollaire.