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  1. Banijay Studios Italy Seizes New Police Drama for Mediaset

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    Banijay Studios Italy, a Banijay company, today announces a new four-part drama, FOSCA – A Tuscan Policewoman (Fosca Innocenti) for Canale 5.


    The new series for Mediaset marks the return of Vanessa Incontrada to Canale 5. With filming already underway in Rome, the majority of the shoot will take place in Arezzo, the setting of the show.


    Against the stunning landscape of Tuscany, the police drama follows Fosca Innocenti (Vanessa Incontrada), a Deputy Commissioner, who heads up an all-female investigative team. Guided by an infallible instinct at solving intricate cases, Innocenti does have a weak point: her best friend Cosimo (Francesco Arca). Is it really just friendship between them or is there something more? Cosimo’s decision to leave for New York will suddenly call everything into question.


    Massimo Del Frate, Head of Drama for Banijay Studios Italy, comments: Fosca Innocenti boasts strong and engaging storytelling that highlights the characters’ personal lives, amidst gripping crimes. With Vanessa Incontrada at the helm, we are proud to bring this ambitious show to Italy, that will have audiences hooked from the-off.”


    Directed by Fabrizio Costa, FOSCA – A Tuscan Policewoman (Fosca Innocenti), is produced by Massimo Del Frate for Banijay Studios Italy. The screenplay has been written by Dido Castelli and Graziano Diana.


    Banijay Rights will handle international distribution for this series.

  2. Mediaset Commissions Luce Dei Tuoi Occhi from Banijay Studios Italy

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    Banijay Studios Italy, a Banijay Group company, confirms the beginning of filming of TV series Luce Dei Tuoi Occhi (international title My Ballerina) for Mediaset. The primetime 12×50’ coming-of-age romance thriller will be filmed later this year in the city of Vicenza and will be one of the first TV series to be filmed in Italy according to the new Covid19 safety protocols.


    Luce Dei Tuoi Occhi centres around a dance academy in Vicenza and protagonist Emma Conti (Anna Valle – Sorelle, La compagnia del cigno), an international star and choreographer. Sixteen Years ago,after the loss of her baby daughter and subsequent breakdown of her relationship with Davide, Emma fled from Vicenza and settled in New York. Now she returns to her Italian hometown after receiving a mysterious message claiming her daughter could still be alive. Determined to find answers and ultimately, her child, she sets to work at her mother’s local ballet school. While she gets a strong reception from the young dancers, and finds a new love interest in highschool teacher Enrico (Giuseppe Zeno – Scomparsa, Mentre ero via), not everyone will give her a warm welcome…


    Week after week, rehearsal after rehearsal, she discovers that everybody has something to hide: one a lie, one a guilty secret, one an unspeakable sin. Unearthing the darkest of secrets as she goes in search of her daughter, she quickly becomes disliked by many and with one willing to do anything to avoid shedding light on the past, even murder isn’t off-limits. Will she find her daughter? Will she avoid harm? Will she be able love again? The answer lies only in Vicenza and the dance academy.


    Massimo Del Frate, Head of Drama, Banijay Studios Italy comments:“At the heart of Luce Dei Tuoi Occhi there is a dark secret. Heralding drama from the start, the story unravels in the beautiful Vicenza’s Palladian surroundings, steeped in culture and ballet but also in sickening lies. Anna Valle and Giuseppe Zeno interpret two captivating characters, and are protagonists of a story with very contemporary tones, a universal appeal and aimed at audiences of all ages.”


    Luce Dei Tuoi Occhi will be executive produced by Massimo Del Frate for Banijay Studios Italy. Fabrizio Costa will direct the series.


    Mediaset retains the rights for Luce dei tuoi occhi for Italy and Spain, while all other international rights sit with Banijay Rights.