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  1. Banijay Italia Brings Don’t Forget the Lyrics to Italy

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    Banijay today announces Italian label Banijay Italia will produce Don’t Forget the Lyrics for NOVE, FTA channel of Discovery Italia.

    Hosted by Gabriele Corsi, the entertainment show makes its comeback with a twist on the classic format. In this new version, three contestants go head-to-head in the hope of winning an ever-growing jackpot, singing everything from fresh new releases to the best of the 80s, along with a live band. When the music and words stop, will they be able to complete the missing lyric? The two contestants that know the words best will go through to the next round. The ‘duel’ between the remaining two will decide the ‘champion,’ who will try to win the jackpot of €5.000 in the final round. Regardless of the amount of money won, the ‘champion’ will return in the following episode.

    Banijay globally represent the format, which was originally created by FOX USA, and has been adapted in over 25 territories, including new markets such as Portugal in 2021. Produced in France by Banijay Production Media with Nagui as the host, Don’t Forget the Lyrics celebrated its 5000th episode in 2021. The entertainment show will also make its US comeback, produced by Bunim Murray Productions (a Banijay company) and Apploff Entertainment.

    Fabrizio Ievolella, CEO of Banijay Italia says: “With Nove onboard and the new battle concept, we’re ready to see the Italian audience sing along to their favourite songs, in this unique show. Having also worked with Gabriele on Deal with It we know he is the perfect fit to host Don’t Forget the Lyrics, the only music game show on Italian TV.”

    Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations at Banijay adds:Don’t Forget the Lyrics is the epitome of fun, light-hearted viewing. It is great to see this format, which is beloved by many, continuing to evolve with this deal in Italy, as well as the US, and the new adaptation in Portugal.”

    Banijay Italia creates high-quality unique programming and has a rich slate of titles including L’isola dei Famosi (Survivor), L’Eredità (The Legacy) and the recent hit series The Ferragnez: The Series for Amazon Prime Video.

  2. Banijay Italia Scores First International Version of Star in the Star

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    Banijay today confirms Canale 5 has commissioned Banijay Italia to produce a primetime run of Star in the Star. This marks the first international adaptation of the musical guessing show, originally created by Banijay Germany’s Brainpool.


    Even celebrities have people they look up to! Hosted in Italy by Ilary Blasi, Star in the Star prepares celebrities to sing and perform just like their idols with coaching, special effects, make-up and styling. Once they have transformed into iconic, well-known musicians, it is up to a comedy panel to work out who the famous faces are. To help them out, cryptic clues are offered throughout the performance and at the end of every show, there is an epic reveal where the least convincing celebrity must peel off their new face and disclose their true identity.


    Originally created by Banijay Germany label, Brainpool, Star in the Star first aired on RTL in 2020 and was the #1 programme of the night on the commercial target.


    Fabrizio Ievolella, Chief Executive Officer of Banijay Italia says, “Having seen the show’s success in Germany, we are excited to be the first country to adapt this format for local audiences.  We have tailored the show for the Italian audience which we expect will further increase its international appeal.”


    Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations adds, “We see fantastic international potential for Brainpool’s format, and with Banijay Italia’s reputation for delivering high-quality shows like Guess My Age and Chef’s League, its local version of Star in the Star is set to entertain.”


    Banijay Italia’s slate boasts hit formats such as Survivor, which recently broke records in Italy with its Celebrity iteration, and award-winning documentary, Ferro, for Amazon Prime. Brainpool is known for entertaining the nation with brands like Free European Song Contest and FameMaker, the latter which increased Pro 7’s total market share amongst 14–49 year-olds by 30%.

  3. Sky Italia and Banijay Italia Ink an Exclusive Deal for Pechino Express

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    Sky Italia and Banijay Italia have inked an exclusive deal for future seasons of Pechino Express (Pekin Express), one of the most popular formats of recent years. Pechino Express Road Trips will land on Sky and NOW TV soon.


    Pechino Express revolves around a series of VIP couples as they travel for thousands of kilometres in territories that are both geographically and culturally very distant from the place of origin. In the various stages, the contestants are equipped only with a backpack that contains basic necessities and 1 euro per person, per day, in local currency that they cannot use for transport. They therefore rely mainly on their physical resilience, adaptability, initiative and skills to get by with the few resources available. The journey, during which they face various types of trials and challenges, pushes them to appreciate local traditions and customs, and to discover cultures while learning new habits and gaining the support of the locals they meet on their way.


    Pechino Express is a long journey based on initiative and discovery. The winning couple are awarded a prize to be donated to a charity of their choosing in one of the places they visited.


    Nicola Maccanico, Executive Vice President Programming Sky Italia, comments:“We are glad to welcome one of the most popular formats to Sky and believe it will further enrich our entertainment slate. The success of Pechino Express– a high-quality show produced by Banijay Italia – is clear in interpreting and relaying the reality of the world and its dynamics, while entertaining families and uniting them in front of the TV. It emphasises the importance of discovery and travel. Pechino Expressbuilds on a wide range of emotions which everyone can relate to: the emotions of the contest and the adrenaline for the competition, the amazement of discovery, the joy of solidarity – with the final prize allocated to support the areas explored during the show – and the strong personal interactions between those that have grown up with different cultures, habits and training. For all these reasons, Pechino Express is an extraordinary show and one which we have decided to invest in. We can’t wait to start working on it, with the creativity and passion for which Sky stands out. There is still a whole world to explore.”


    Fabrizio IevolellaCEO Banijay Italia, added:“Pechino Express is a show we love very much and one that has had a very special relationship with its audience since its launch in 2012. Over the years, we have fully devoted our energy and resources to this programme, and we are proud to bring to this platform a format that is at the height of its success, having just had its highest-rating episode to-date. Thanks to this new partnership, we are confident that Pechino Expresswill continue to develop. Sky’s assets and its engagement expertise will allow us to enter a new phase of growth while maintaining the values that have been associated with Pechino, making it the most relevant adventure show on Italian television. It is the start of a new journey for Pechino Express, and, at Banijay Italia, we are very happy to go back on the road with Sky.”


    The show is the Italian edition of the Belgian-Dutch original format owned and licensed by 4MAT4.  Since 2012, Magnolia/Banijay Italia has produced eight series of the show. The format has been sold and aired in 16 Countries since 2004.

  4. Banijay Italia to Produce Two New Formats for Amazon Prime Video, Ferro and Dinner Club

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    Banijay Italia, a Banijay Group company, starts the new year by announcing it will produce two new formats, Ferro and Dinner Club. Centring on well-known faces, Tiziano Ferro and Carlo Cracco, the titles will be available on Amazon Prime Video in 2020.


    Ferro is an unfiltered depiction of one of the most-loved artists in Italy and worldwide, revealing unpublished and fascinating details of Tiziano Ferro’s life and personality. It is not a self-celebratory documentary, the project, in fact, allows a viewer to discover original and private aspects about his life, passions and work. Unveiling a fascinating and complex personality, it will be available exclusively in June 2020 on Amazon Prime Video.


    Dinner Club is not a classic cooking show, it is a culinary travelogue featuring Chef Carlo Cracco. Irony and adventure set the programme’s tone as the viewer discovers some of the world’s most amazing gastronomic wonders. Six special friends accompany Cracco through Japan, Vietnam, France, Spain, Peru and Mexico. These companions are made up of famous actors and comedians including Sabrina Ferilli and Luciana Littizzetto. The Chef aims to transform the guest stars into true professionals of taste, learning from the best chefs in the world, so they will be able to spot the perfect dinner. Dinner Club will be available on Amazon Prime Video in 2020.

  5. DryMedia and Magnolia TV Merge to Create Banijay Italia

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    Banijay Group Italy today announces the merge of two of its production businesses – DryMedia and Magnolia SPA. Under the supervision of Paolo Bassetti, Chief Executive Officer of Italy, the companies will come together to form new brand, Banijay Italia.


    Combining the vast experience and history of Magnolia, with the creativity and energy at DryMedia, Banijay Italia will become an unscripted powerhouse with its own unique DNA.


    Leading Banijay Italia will be Chief Executive Officer, Fabrizio Ievolella, who will be supported by Chief Production Officer, Danila Battiglini, Chief Creative Officer, Francesco Lauber, and Head of Programmes, Leopoldo Gasparotto. Together, the team will focus on maintaining the high-quality production of the company’s existing shows, as well as developing new IP for local and global audiences.


    Through the union of Magnolia SPA and DryMedia, Banijay Italia will instantly play home to a rich slate of returning titles which include reality favourites: L’Isola dei Famosi, Il Collegio and Pechino Express; game shows: L’Eredità, Guess my age and the new Conto alla Rovescia, leading cooking shows: 4 Ristoranti, Pizza Hero and Cuochi d’Italia, and popular talent shows: La Corrida and the comedy Cops – Una banda di poliziotti.


    Banijay Italia will sit as part of Banijay Group’s Italian portfolio of companies led by Paolo Bassetti, Country Manager, which includes: Banijay Studios Italy, Nonpanic, Aurora TV, Atlantis Film and ITV Movie.