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  1. Banijay’s Trash or Treasure Expands in Iberia with Regional Version Set for À Punt TV

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    Banijay today announces Cuarzo Producciones, part of Banijay Iberia, will produce a new adaptation of popular primetime entertainment game show, Trash or Treasure (Tresor o Trasto).

    This latest version for Valencian broadcaster À Punt, will be the seventh international adaptation of the format, following a successful launch in Spain for Aragón TV in October.

    From jewellery to toys and modern collectibles, the studio-based show will see contestants put to the test, as they face a range of different objects, some extremely valuable, and others worth next to nothing. Will the contestants be able to identify the hidden treasure worth €10,000?

    Juan Ramón Gonzalo, CEO of Cuarzo Producciones says: “Trash or Treasure is a unique format, which captivates audiences who can’t help but play along. It was an absolute pleasure to bring the format to Spain last year, and we are extremely excited to build on its success with a new regional version for À Punt.”

     Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations at Banijay adds:Trash or Treasure is a fun and uplifting series that celebrates the skill of those in the field of collectibles. The format has enjoyed global success, which is testament to its adaptability and universality, and the talented teams around the world that bring each version to life.”

    Originally created by Banijay’s Mastiff TV in Sweden, the first adaptation of Trash or Treasure in Spain, which debuted in 2022, was the best launch of the season for broadcaster Aragón TV. Other versions include Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, and Sweden, where the latest season on TV4 hit its best ratings average since the show’s launch.

  2. Zeppelin Brings Banijay’s All Against 1 to Spain

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    Banijay today announces Zeppelin, part of Banijay Iberia, will adapt All Against 1 for RTVE. Originally created by Nordisk Film TV Denmark and Norwegian label, Nordisk Banijay, the unique show pits one brave contestant against the nation.

    In this game show, the questions faced are bold and outlandish, ranging from how many children will it take to pull a 16-tonne truck to what’s the top speed reached by a caravan falling from 50 metres? The answers are literally anyone’s guess, allowing everyone to play along via a dedicated, custom-made app, which collates the viewers’ collective response, live. Whoever, is closest out of the nation and the contestant, banks the money at stake. However, it all rests on the final question. Can the contestant outsmart everybody else, or will a lucky viewer claim the winnings for themselves?

    Miguel Martín, Managing Director of Zeppelin says:All Against 1 is based on a simple yet addictive premise, can one person outsmart the nation? Many of us sit at home shouting the answers at the TV, and now it is time for the Spanish audience to get to take part.”

    Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations adds: “Interactivity is at the heart of this format, with a specially integrated app and questions which are anyone’s guess, meaning everyone in the country can play.All Against 1 has been a ratings hit across Europe, and we’re thrilled to see it head to Spain.”

    Spain marks the eighth adaption of the format, following hit versions in Denmark, Finland, and Germany, amongst others. The third series of the Norwegian version featured a guest appearance from the Norwegian Prime Minister and Mastiff TV Sweden’s second series recorded an all-time high on the global demo.

    Zeppelin boasts an impressive slate of entertainment programmes in Spain including Big Brother, and is the creator of hit reality adventure format, The Bridge, which has now been commissioned in ten territories, as well as being a pioneer in the development of anime projects with shows such as The Idhún Chronicles.

  3. Banijay’s Trash or Treasure Heads to Spain

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    Banijay today announces Cuarzo Producciones, a Banijay Iberia label, alongside Delrío Visual, will produce primetime entertainment game show, Trash or Treasure (Basura o Tesoro), for Aragón TV. Based on the original format from Banijay’s Mastiff TV in Sweden, Basura o Tesoro is the show’s sixth international adaptation.

    Well-known Spanish comedian, presenter, actor, and writer, Iñaki Urrutia, will host the show, where a pair of contestants will face 12 different objects. Set to walk away with the value of their chosen object, one by one, they must select which to discard. Designer furniture, antique toys, jewellery, stamps, dresses… Small details can make the difference between big money and worthless junk. Will the contestants be able to work out which is the hidden treasure, worth 5,000 euros? Joining the show each night will be antique dealer, David Maturén, who will share the interesting backstory of each item that is showcased and some tips on what to look out for.

    Juan Ramón Gonzalo, CEO of Cuarzo Producciones says: “Game shows are extremely popular in Spain, and Trash or Treasure offers a new and unique twist on the genre. With Iñaki Urrutia at the helm, we are set for an entertaining series which is sure to get audience members playing along at home and might even turn them into evaluation experts.”

     Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations at Banijay adds: “This game show has performed well in numerous European markets. It is light-hearted and fun, and showcases the expertise required in the field of collectibles. Trash or Treasure is a very adaptable and scalable format, so can meet individual broadcasters’ needs and is proving a very attractive proposition for the international market.”

    Originally created by Mastiff TV in Sweden, successful versions have already aired in territories such as Germany, The Netherlands, and Italy.  Sweden’s recent sixth season was also number one in its slot for TV4.

  4. Banijay’s Quiz Format, Chacun Son Tour Travels to Spain

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    Banijay today announces that Gestmusic, part of Banijay Iberia, will co-produce the first international adaptation of Chacun son Tour (known in Spain as Te ha tocado) with RTVE. La 1 will air the daily game show, which was created by French label, Banijay Production Media.


    The original French version of Chacun son Tour launched last year on France 2. Fronted by Bruno Guillon, the 250-episode run was the number one show in its slot for global and young demos, increasing audience numbers week-on-week. In Spain it will be hosted by Raúl Gómez.


    Tinet Rubira, Managing Director of Gestmusic says: “Bringing great entertainment to Spain is part of our DNA and Chacun son Tour has all the key components for a high-energy, pulse raising game show. To top it off, we have great contestants ready to play, test out their tactics and share hilarious anecdotes.”


    Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations at Banijay adds: “Chacun son Tour is a hugely entertaining and family-friendly format, combining general knowledge and fun physical challenges, to deliver a sense of jeopardy with humorous moments for the entire family to enjoy. After a successful launch in France, we have no doubt the Spanish audience will be hooked with this first local adaptation.”


    The format features 30 members of the public who are all in with the chance of winning big.  Two players are randomly selected and go head-to-head in a tense duel of general knowledge. The winner then secures a place at Winning Alley where they attempt to nab prizes by throwing a ball into a winning slot. The winner then faces a new randomly selected player, and the games continue until the end of the show where the final round winner has one shot; a one slot throw in Golden Alley to take home an accumulated prize pot. However, in Chacun son Tour, losing the duel doesn’t mean it is over, as your name can be chosen again in the following episode. Will the contestants choose to play the long game, outsmart the other contestants, and take home a larger sum, or instead will they take their chance earlier on?


    Gestmusic will build on their expertise, having previously produced award-winning formats such as Your Face Sounds Familiar, The Money Drop, Operación Triunfo, Top Gamers and Boom!, amongst others.

  5. Filming underway for adaptation of Almudena Grandes’ novel Los pacientes del doctor García

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    Banijay Iberia’s Diagonal TV announces the television adaptation of Almudena Grandes’ bestseller Los pacientes del doctor García (Tusquets Editores). Produced by RTVE, Diagonal TV (Banijay Iberia) and DeAPlaneta, in association with Netflix, the series will be directed by Joan Noguera (‘Isabel’, ‘Sin identidad’, ‘Mercado central’) and written by José Luis Martín (‘Isabel’).


    Filming began this week in Segovia with an ensemble cast led by Javier Rey, Tamar Novas and Verónica Echegui, and will continue until June on location in Segovia, Madrid and Guadalajara.


    The story connects real and unknown events from World War II and Franco’s Regime, as it portrays the lives of characters who are impacted by the current affairs of both Spain and Argentina. The series follows republican doctor, Guillermo García (Javier Rey), living in Madrid under a false identity following Franco’s victory in the Spanish Civil War. Dr. García becomes embroiled in an undercover operation involving war criminals and fugitives in a thrilling story of intrigue and deception.


    The novel Los pacientes del doctor García (Tusquets Editores), for which Almudena Grandes won the Premio Nacional de Narrativa 2018, is the fourth instalment in her series Episodios de una guerra interminable, and the first of her books to be adapted for television.


    Javier Rey stars as Dr. Guillermo García; Tamar Novas will play Manuel Arroyo, his best friend; Verónica Echegui will be Amparo Priego. Alongside them is a wide cast that includes Jon Olivares (Adrián Gallardo), Eva Llorach (Clara Stauffer), Stephanie Cayo (Meg Williams), Claudia Traisac (Rita Velázquez), Raúl Jiménez (Pepe Moya), Nancho Novo (Fortunato Quintanilla), Pepa Pedroche (Experta Fernández), Luis Bermejo (Juan Negrín), Mario de la Rosa (Alfonso Navarro), Daniel Albaladejo (Antonio Ochoa), Martina Gusmán (Simona Gaitán), Itziar Atienza (Geni León), Toni Sevilla (Gabino de la Fuente), Iñaki Miramón (Basilio Rodríguez), Javier Lara (Jesús Romero), Marius Biegai (Otto Skorzeny), Carmen Molinar (Ingrid Weiss), and Eduard Farelo (Pablo De Azcárate).

  6. Banijay Iberia Appoints Miguel Martín as Managing Director of Zeppelin

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    Banijay Iberia, part of Banijay, today announces the appointment of Miguel Martín as the new Managing Director of its label, Zeppelin.

    Zeppelin, which is hitting its 30-year milestone, is responsible for the introduction of reality in Spain and stands as a pioneer in the development of anime and youth fiction projects, with recent hits including Secret Story, Big Brother, The Bridge and SKAM España.

    Martín began his tenure at Banijay Iberia in 2019 within Banijay Birds, the territory’s creative hub for original streamer IP development, and has also served as executive producer on standout local titles including LOL: Last One Laughing for Amazon Prime Video.

    Martín has directed and produced shows across multiple genres, from documentaries (Hijos del corazón), reality shows (Anonimous, Planeta Finito), and scripted titles (Herederos). He also has extensive experience in the U.S., having served as executive producer on formats for NBC-Telemundo and FOX, and as a development/production consultant in entertainment and scripted for Powwow 360 and Cinemat USA.

    Pilar Blasco, CEO of Banijay Iberia comments: “We are very grateful to Amparo Castellano for her hard-work and professionalism, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours. Since 2019, Banijay Iberia has been fortunate to have Miguel Martín among its ranks, a born leader who has shown unbounded creativity. His commitment to innovation has led to original projects told from unique perspectives. All this, together with his excellent ability to manage large productions with outstanding results, makes him the ideal person to lead Zeppelin.”

    Miguel Martín, Managing Director of Zeppelin adds: “I am honoured to be at the head of a team that, in its 30th year, has produced such a range of high-quality formats. Zeppelin has achieved what few audio-visual companies do. It constantly re-invents and innovates, making programmes which captivate the country, creating great original formats, and co-producing with key international players. I am proud to take on this challenge and continue Zeppelin’s creative growth and development.”

    Martín’s appointment follows previous Managing Director Amparo Castellano’s decision to depart after eight years with the company.

  7. Shine Iberia and Telemadrid Unite the Nation with Vidas de Cine

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    Banijay today announces Shine Iberia, a Banijay Iberia company, will produce Vidas de Cine (Open Air Cinema)in collaboration with Telemadrid.


    A homage to the inhabitants of Madrid, Vidas de Cine will capture testimonies and stories from every district. The beloved actor and presenter, Florentino Fernández, will travel around Madrid speaking to communities and discovering anonymous stories which capture the essence of those living in the Spanish capital. The city is then invited to an outdoor screening to watch the compilation. From anecdotes of resilience to recognising a key individual, the audience will get an authentic insight into the lives of their relatives, friends, and neighbours.


    Macarena Rey, CEO of Shine Iberia says: “The extracts showcased in Vidas de Cine are moving and emotional. By seeing the city through the eyes of others, the audience are reminded of the community of which they are part. Our lives can be so consuming, sometimes you forget to take time to appreciate and listen to those around you, and this show is all about celebrating that.”


    James Townley, Global Head of Content Development at Banijay comments: “This is a truly heart-warming show, that not only brings communities back together but also celebrates the incredible people within them.  These nostalgic and highly emotional moments are something we can all relate to and, following the last 18 months, feel even more poignant.”


    Banijay Rights holds distribution rights for Vidas de Cine which will broadcast on Telemadrid later this year.

  8. Cupid’s arrow flies transcontinental in new Channel 4 dating series The Language of Love (w/t)

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    Channel 4 has commissioned a new international dating series from 2LE Media, Motion Content Group and Zeppelin, a Banijay Iberia company. The Language of Love (w/t) will see a group of Brits and a group of Spaniards pairing up at a dreamy Spanish country estate to see if they can find romance… despite not speaking each other’s language.

    Set in a stunning finca in Andalusia, the eight-part series for Channel 4 will be hosted by Davina McCall alongside Spanish TV host, actor and singer Ricky Merino, who will be on hand to interpret how the couples’ relationships are developing.

    A group of Brits seeking romance will travel to Spain where they’ll meet their potential partners – a group of Spanish speakers also looking for their own historia de amor – to test whether love is deeper than just words. Can sparks fly even with a language barrier to overcome? The newly-formed couples will take part in challenges and tasks to help them test their connection as well as learning more about each other’s countries, their culture and their languages. At the end of the series, will they choose amor or adiós? The international lovers will face a big dilemma: to call it quits, stay together long distance, or perhaps move country to be with their new found love.

    The Language of Love (w/t) is commissioned for Channel 4 by Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment and Events, and Genna Gibson, Commissioning Editor, Entertainment. The 8 x 60’ series is produced by 2LE Media, Motion Content Group and Zeppelin, a Banijay Iberia company. Sophie Alcock is Series Producer and Executive producers are Michael Livingstone, Tom Thostrup and Georgina Hinds for 2LE Media, Martin Oxley for Motion Content Group, with Amparo Castellano and Salva Romero from Zeppelin. Banijay is the exclusive distributor, holding global format and distribution rights.

    Channel 4’s Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment and Events, comments: “This is a truly fresh and entertaining dating experiment that throws up surprising cultural exchanges, hilarious linguistic mishaps and red-hot holiday romances all overseen by the original queen of reality, Davina, and her wonderful Spanish counterpart, Ricky.”

    Tom Thostrup, co-founder of 2LE Media adds: “In this series we want to give our international singles the ultimate holiday romance and see if they can hurdle the language barrier to build a potential life-changing relationship, with Davina and Ricky willing them to succeed all the way.”

    Martin Oxley, Executive Producer for Motion Content Group says “After a few years off from foreign travel, most of us have probably forgotten how to ask the way to the beach in Spanish. Motion couldn’t be more delighted to brush up its language skills with Davina & Ricky, 2LE, Banijay and Channel 4 with this clever and truly laugh out loud new series.”.

    Amparo Castellano, General Director of Zeppelin, a Banijay Iberia company adds: “We all know how powerful love and attraction is, and this new format takes the dating genre to the next level, truly exploring whether singletons can communicate when speaking different languages. It’s been a highly entertaining concept to develop and co-produce with 2LE and Motion, and we’re sure our international colleagues at Banijay will have success bringing this format to other markets around the world.”

    The Language of Love (w/t) will TX next year on Channel 4.

  9. Banijay Iberia Launches Creative Agency IMA

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    Banijay today announces Banijay Iberia is expanding its range of services with the launch of new label, IMA. The creative agency will be led by Agus Cantero.


    IMA will work alongside Banijay Iberia’s productions, to enhance the visual identity of both its existing portfolio, and upcoming original IP. In addition, IMA will work with broadcasters and platforms, delivering boutique creative solutions and services to clients. With a global perspective, Banijay Iberia adds to its content production the possibility of creating and producing campaigns and On Air promotions.


    Pilar Blasco, CEO of Banijay Iberia, comments: Thanks to the launch of IMA, Banijay Iberia offers an even more diversified service. To the creation and production of content, we now add the possibility of developing creative campaigns. This new initiative led by Agus Cantero, an expert with a long and proven professional career, allows us to further utilise our experience and talent.”


    Cantero began his career in television in 1999, with a role in the Canal+ Imagen team. In 2005, he was involved in the creation of channel Cuatro, where he became the director of On Air Image and Communication. From 2011 to 2013, as a freelance creative director, he worked for Discovery Channel, La Sexta, Canal+, Mediaset and Calle 13 (Universal). Since 2013, he has been Image Director of Zeppelin, creating and supervising the visual identity of content such as FAMA a bailar (Floor Filler), which is nominated for Best Cinematography at the Iris Awards and El Puente (The Bridge), which is included in MIPTV’s Fresh TV list, nominated for Best Reality Show in the International Format Awards and candidate for Best Cinematography at the Iris Awards, as well as its associated promotional campaigns.

  10. Diagonal TV Develops Epic Series based on Spanish Monarchy

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    Diagonal TV, part of Banijay Iberia, confirms it will work with journalist and novelist, Sergio Vila-Sanjuán, to dramatise a new series based on the Spanish monarchy.  Royal Palace. Brilliance and Tragedy of the Spanish Monarchy follows the trajectory of four generations of the Bourbon family, between 1900 and 2014.


    Diagonal TV, producer of award-winning historical series, Isabel, La Catedral del Mar (Cathedral of the Sea), and the forthcoming Los Herederos de la Tierra (Heirs To The Land), will create 22 episodes centering on the Spanish monarchy. Sergio Vila-Sanjuán’s research will dramatise biographical and historical circumstances, from the year 1900, and depict the reigns of Alfonso XIII, Don Juan de Borbón and Juan Carlos I, until the abdication in favour of his son Felipe VI.

    From life in the palace, luxury, parties, heroism and love, to power struggles, terrorism, disease and coups d’états, the Royal Palace series will portray a momentous and nuanced approach to the Spanish monarchy.

    Sergio Vila-Sanjuán, novelist and journalist says: “There’s an enormous responsibility when developing a story around true events, especially as we follow a Monarchy with exceptional destinies and outstanding virtues, but like any humans, they made mistakes. These errors had massive consequences for their country and this fascinating story will leave viewers gripped.”

    Jaume Banacolocha, CEO of Diagonal TV comments: “Diagonal has vast experience in creating series telling the vicissitudes of the Spanish monarchy, and this project will further build our expertise. Collaborating with Sergio Vila-Sanjuán will allow us to confidently produce an accurate and moving series, and we are expecting huge interest from broadcasters to pick up the show.”

    Diagonal TV, a Banijay Iberia company, is behind numerous scripted hits including Isabel (TVE), La Catedral del Mar (Cathedral of the Sea – Atresmedia, Netflix, TVC), El Nudo (Entangled – Atresmedia), Los Herederos de la Tierra (Heirs to the Land – Netflix, Atresmedia, TVC) and film, The Bookshop (La Librería), directed by Isabel Coixet, which won best film, best direction and best adapted screenplay at the Goya 2018 awards.

    Sergio Vila San-Juán is a cultural journalist and long-time writer. He currently is the director of the supplement Cultura/s of La Vanguardia. As a specialist in literary and editorial subjects, he has been awarded the National Prize for Cultural Journalism and as a novelist, he scooped the Nadal Prize. In 2020, he published the essay Why I am a Monarchist, a courageous defense of the institution that analyses four generations of Spanish monarchs, from Alfonso XIII to Felipe VI.

  11. Banijay Iberia Sets New Management Team

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    Banijay Iberia today outlines the revised local management team for its footprint in Spain and Portugal. Under the leadership of CEO, Pilar Blasco, the new executive group comprises CFO and COO, Javier García, International and Business Affairs Director, María Pinilla, Director of Communication, Pilar Serrano, Director of Digital Strategy, Felipe Jiménez Luna, Legal Director, Marta Ferrando, Systems Director, Miguel Ángel Hernández and Commercial Director, Jaume Vilalta.


    The Iberian company that includes Cuarzo Producciones, Diagonal TV, Endemol Portugal, Gestmusic, Magnolia, Shine Iberia, Tuiwok Estudios and Zeppelin, has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​La Coruña and Lisbon. The local group is behind some of the region’s best entertainment brands (MasterChef, Temptation Island, Big Brother, Operación Triunfo), new international IP (Your Face Sounds Familiar, The Bridge) and original scripted titles (Hierro, Heirs to the land, Auga Seca, Amar Es Para Siempre, The Idhún Chronicles) amongst many other formats and titles.


    Pilar Blasco, CEO of Banijay Iberia, comments: “The new management team perfectly represents the richness of talent we have across the whole of Banijay Iberia. Creativity, commitment, versatility, responsibility and passion are part of our DNA and are the key to our past, present and future successes. I am proud to have this new team by my side as we continue to grow the business across both territories.”


    Banijay Iberia’s production entities will continue to operate independently and under the direction of Juanra Gonzalo (Cuarzo Producciones), Macarena Rey (Shine Iberia and Endemol Portugal), Tinet Rubira(Gestmusic), Jaume Banacolocha (Diagonal TV), Amparo Castellano (Zeppelin and Magnolia) and Felipe Jiménez Luna (Tuiwok Estudios).


    Elsewhere, DLO Producciones continues to be led by José Manuel Lorenzo, and Portocabo, directed by Alfonso Blanco.



    JAVIER GARCÍA, CFO and COO of Banijay Iberia

    After starting his career at PwC and working in its offices in Mexico City, Glasgow and Barcelona, ​​Javier joined the management control area of ​​the Telefónica Group in 2000. Five years later, he began his professional career at Endemol, first at its headquarters in the Netherlands, where he was appointed CFO of Endemol Spain, and later, at its headquarters in Madrid where, since 2015, he has held the position of CFO and COO for Endemol Shine Iberia.


    MARÍA PINILLA, International and Business Affairs Director of Banijay Iberia

    With a background in business administration and with degrees in both France and the US, Maria started her career in TV in 1997, after several years in strategic management consultancy. As Head of Acquisitions and International at Endemol Shine Iberia, she has worked with all major distributors to bring new format adaptations to Spanish audiences. Driving major international achievements, highlights include global rollouts of Your Face Sounds Familiar and most recently The Bridge. Since 2018, she has stepped up to handling Business Affairs for all brands across Endemol Shine Iberia, negotiating deals with all major streamers and international partners/co-producers.


    PILAR SERRANO, Director of Communication of Banijay Iberia

    With a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid, and a Master’s degree in Radio and Television from the Camilo José Cela University, Pilar’s professional career has been spent mostly within the audiovisual world. Starting at AMC Networks International, where she worked on the communication strategy for their production company in Spain and Portugal, she later joined Movistar+, where she was responsible for TV channel #0’s entertainment programmes, as well as original series launches, large international formats and strategic agreements. Since 2018, she has been the Director of Communication for Zeppelin, a position she will continue in parallel with this new appointment.


    FELIPE JIMÉNEZ LUNA, Director of Digital Strategy of Banijay Iberia

    With more than 25 years’ experience as a writer, creator and director of films and series, Felipe’s career has garnered the recognition of the public and critics alike, achieving prestigious national and international awards. Since 2012, he has directed Tuiwok Estudios, the specialized digital video division in content creation and channel management for different platforms such as YouTube, Playz, Mtmad and Flooxer, as well as for clients such as RTVE, Grupo Planeta and Coca-Cola. Felipe is one of the architects of the success of the SKAM Spain series, produced by Movistar+ in collaboration with Zeppelin, where he collaborated as New Media Director.


    MARTA FERRANDO, Legal Director of Banijay Iberia

    With a degree in Law and a diploma in Tourism, Marta began her professional career in the hotel sector, in a prestigious hotel chain with a wide presence in Spain. Later, and after practicing as an independent lawyer for several years, she joined Gestmusic where she has been Legal Director for the past 14 years. In 2018, she expanded the scope of her activity, assuming the responsibilities for the whole Endemol Shine Iberia group.


    MIGUEL ÁNGEL HERNÁNDEZ, Systems Director of Banijay Iberia

    With more than 20 years’ experience in Technology, Miguel Ángel joined Zeppelin in 2011 as head of IT from Sacyr Vallehermoso. In 2015, he was appointed Systems Director of Endemol Shine Iberia, taking charge of integrating the systems of those companies belonging to the group in Spain and Portugal. He is also part of the Privacy and Security Committee, which ensures compliance with legal policies and regulations such as the GDPR.




    JAUME VILALTA, Comercial Director of Banijay Iberia

    With a degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona and a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management from ESADE, Jaume began his professional career in the Bassat Ogilvy & Mather group, working for numerous major brands. In 2003, he joined Gestmusic as Commercial Director, later assuming the same responsibility in Endemol Spain for all group companies and in Endemol International for companies in southern Europe, joining its Global Commercial Board in 2012. Jaume will participate actively in the implementation of Endemol Beyond in Spain and LATAM. Since 2015, he has held the position of Commercial Director of Endemol Shine Iberia.

  12. Banijay Iberia Appoints New Managing Director for Zeppelin

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    Banijay today announces the appointment of a new Managing Director at Zeppelin, a Banijay Iberia company.


    Shifting from within Banijay’s exisiting Spanish footprint, Amparo Castellano will lead Zeppelin, with a remit to further build the business’ portfolio of hits for the local and global market, reporting to Banijay Iberia CEO, Pilar Blasco.


    Her responsibilities include the creation of new international IP, such as The Bridge, which was adapted this year in the UK for Channel 4 following two successful runs on Movistar’s #0.  Zeppelin is a pioneer in anime and youth scripted productions with The Idhun Chronicles (Netflix), Virtual Hero (Movistar+) and the Spanish version of SKAM. The company is also behind the local version of Big Brother, which has aired in Spain for two decades.


    Amparo Castellano joins from Banijay Iberia’s DLO/ Magnolia where she has been Managing Director of Entertainment since 2014. Castellano began her career at Banijay Iberia label, Gestmusic, spending 15 years producing successful formats including Operación Triunfo: Los Castings and Your Big Day (Tu Si que Vales).


    As part of the move, non-scripted series from DLO/ Magnolia will become part of the Zeppelin portfolio. Award-winning current affairs series, Radio Gaga, documentary series such as Pioneras and entertainment show such as Pop Up Chef and Sing on!, along with other non-scripted shows will now come under the Zeppelin umbrella.


    DLO/ Magnolia’s scripted projects will continue to run within the label, under the direction of José Manuel Lorenzo.


    Pilar Blasco, Chief Executive Officer of Banijay Iberia comments; Amparo is uniquely skilled in recognising and creating original ideas and driving innovative productions. Her commitment to creativity, along with a flair for leadership and management make her ideally placed to oversee Zeppelin, a company with exceptional professional talent.”


    Amparo Castellano, Managing Director of Zeppelin comments; Zeppelin has a long-held position at the forefront of television, with a fantastic team in place who is well-known for creating programmes that become social phenomenons and captivate audiences. This is set to be an exciting new phase of my career, leading a company that pushes the boundaries to explore exciting new genres, with a team developing original IP for global and local audiences which is true to the essence that make us unique. It’s great to be making the move across.”