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  1. Zeppelin Brings Banijay’s All Against 1 to Spain

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    Banijay today announces Zeppelin, part of Banijay Iberia, will adapt All Against 1 for RTVE. Originally created by Nordisk Film TV Denmark and Norwegian label, Nordisk Banijay, the unique show pits one brave contestant against the nation.

    In this game show, the questions faced are bold and outlandish, ranging from how many children will it take to pull a 16-tonne truck to what’s the top speed reached by a caravan falling from 50 metres? The answers are literally anyone’s guess, allowing everyone to play along via a dedicated, custom-made app, which collates the viewers’ collective response, live. Whoever, is closest out of the nation and the contestant, banks the money at stake. However, it all rests on the final question. Can the contestant outsmart everybody else, or will a lucky viewer claim the winnings for themselves?

    Miguel Martín, Managing Director of Zeppelin says:All Against 1 is based on a simple yet addictive premise, can one person outsmart the nation? Many of us sit at home shouting the answers at the TV, and now it is time for the Spanish audience to get to take part.”

    Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations adds: “Interactivity is at the heart of this format, with a specially integrated app and questions which are anyone’s guess, meaning everyone in the country can play.All Against 1 has been a ratings hit across Europe, and we’re thrilled to see it head to Spain.”

    Spain marks the eighth adaption of the format, following hit versions in Denmark, Finland, and Germany, amongst others. The third series of the Norwegian version featured a guest appearance from the Norwegian Prime Minister and Mastiff TV Sweden’s second series recorded an all-time high on the global demo.

    Zeppelin boasts an impressive slate of entertainment programmes in Spain including Big Brother, and is the creator of hit reality adventure format, The Bridge, which has now been commissioned in ten territories, as well as being a pioneer in the development of anime projects with shows such as The Idhún Chronicles.

  2. Banijay’s All Against 1 Heads to Sweden

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    Mastiff Sweden, a Banijay company, today announces it will produce a local version of All Against 1 for SVT, under the title 1 mot Sverige.


    The interactive entertainment show is set to air this fall on SVT, marking the seventh adaptation for the format.  All Against 1 pits a contestant against the nation, with viewers simultaneously trying to predict the outcome of unique and outlandish experiments via a fully integrated app, created and managed by Banijay Nordic Mobile. The contestant plays alone, while the nation’s collective answer is determined by the average of the viewer’s responses. But, there’s only one way to win the jackpot: be the closest to answering the final question. How will the individual get on? Will their brain rival that of the nation’s? Or, will a lucky viewer win the prize?


    Co-created by Nordisk Film TV Denmark and Nordisk Film TV Norway, All Against 1 was first commissioned in Denmark for DR 1, where the series is the most played second screen game in the broadcaster’s history and continues to attract large audiences within Europe.


    Norway’s fourth season, produced by Nordisk Film TV Norway, performed incredibly well and broke records. In 2020, the third season’s special episode, featuring the country’s Prime Minister, more than doubled the channel’s average with an audience of 862,000 viewers.


    Matilda Snöwall, CEO of Mastiff Sweden comments: “This is a very addictive game show which allows everyone to play-along and really see if they have what it takes to win. All Against 1 has already enjoyed so much success across Europe and we are excited to work with SVT to bring it to Sweden.”


    Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations at Banijay adds:All Against 1 is the perfect example of engaging and inclusive family viewing. The audience is truly at the forefront of the format and the use of apps has drawn a younger demographic, while boosting interactivity. We are looking forward to seeing where the format will head next.”

  3. Norwegian Prime Minister to play All Against 1 on NRK

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    Norwegian PM Erna Solberg will play against the nation in a special episode of All Against 1 on Norway’s national day, May 17th. The Høyre/conservative party leader will compete against the viewers as a usual player, solving tasks and experiments themed for the national day.


    All Against 1 season 3 has already succeeded in gathering Norwegian families this winter, with an average share of 53% and 817,000 viewers every Saturday. Staying on-air during the Covid-19 crisis, production made some creative adjustments in line with the new regulations and post-lockdown, the ratings went up.


    May 17th has always been a day where families and communities gather to walk in parades, eat lots of ice cream and play fun games like the potato run, sack race and tug of war. In this special episode, the Prime Minister will face experiments and challenges inspired by these games and even more importantly: the families can gather around the TV and still get a piece of the national day fun, regardless of the corona restrictions.


    Erlend Hernø Røeggen, CEO in Nordisk Film TV Norway said: “It’s great news and so exciting! Hats off to the team that managed to pull this season off against the odds, showing that it’s still possible to gather families around the TV at the weekend. The prime minister’s appearance in the show confirms the status and the strength of All Against 1even in challenging times.”


    All Against 1 was co-developed by Nordisk Film TV Norway and Nordisk Film TV Denmark. Banijay Rights sells the format and finished tape globally. There have been six versions of the show to date worldwide.

  4. We are Family. We are Banijay

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    Banijay Group today unveils its family-oriented slate for MIPCOM 2019. Designed to spark family co-viewing, the titles include: Don’t, It’s a Knockout, The Crystal Maze and All Against 1.


    First up, from executive prankster Ryan Reynolds, Banijay Studios North America and Host Adam Scott, Don’t is a new show where families can win money by following one simple rule: Don’t. Each week, one family of four navigates a gauntlet of directives from the ingeniously small to the ridiculously giant: Don’t Blink… Don’t Miss… Don’t Get Tired… Don’t Beat Yourself Up… Don’t Play Ball in the House. It’s the ultimate test of mind, body and family bonds. New to market following a recent commission in the U.S. from ABC, the title is one of the Group’s hot picks this MIPCOM.


    Next up is the return of It’s a Knockout, the original physical entertainment show that’s made the world laugh, cheer and proudly root for their champions is back with a bang! This iconic format has been part of TV history for over half a century in the biggest TV markets in the world – the USA, China, France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Russia, Portugal and many more. In both its international and intercities versions, this feel-good family brand taps into the frenzy of classic sport derbies for fierce but friendly competition. Now returning in a modernized version with all the original flavour – audiences can expect spectacular games, silly costumes, pools, slides, turntables, treadmills, and a whole lot of flags and banners. Best city, or best country, the titles are up for grabs.


    Following Nickelodeon’s commission in the U.S., The Crystal Maze also returns to market with a fresh family take. This time, a family team of six contestants take part in a series of challenges in order to win “time crystals” across the four key zones – Eastern, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic. Each crystal gives the team five seconds of time inside “The Crystal Dome”, the centrepiece of the maze where the contestants take part in their final challenge.


    Elsewhere, All Against 1 continues its reign on DR1 in Denmark. The show poses the question, can one smart contestant beat the entire nation? In this bold, addictive and engaging format, the contestant and the viewers are all asked the same questions, based on the outcome of a variety of unique and outlandish experiments, ranging from everyday science to crazy sports dares or spectacular stunts. The answer is literally anyone’s guess – so everyone in the country can play. The contestant answers alone, while the average of the viewers’ responses via the app determine the nation’s collective answer. Whoever’s answer is the closest banks the money at stake. But there’s only one way to win the jackpot: be closest to the answer for the final question. An entertainment show for the whole family, All Against 1 recently went up against Dancing With The Stars and won the slot in the young family target group 3-40 with share of 51.6%.


    Lucas Green, Head of Content, Banijay Group comments: “At a time where the world has become incredibly divided on a political level, there has never been a greater need to unite people via content. Households are also becoming increasingly fragmented as individuals seek their own content on their own screens, and the beauty of each of these formats is that they all have the potential to bring them together again in front of one screen.”


    For further information, visit MIPCOM Stand C20.A.

  5. All Against 1 Returns to ProSieben

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    Brainpool, a Banijay Group company, today announced All Against 1 (Alle gegen Einen) will return to ProSieben for a second series. The commission follows a successful first run, which saw the interactive, studio-based entertainment format pull almost 1.5m viewers and push up the network’s audience share.


    All Against 1 pits one hopeful contestant against the nation. In each episode the challenger and viewer answer identical questions via the show’s dedicated app. This game show is for everyone as the questions are not based on knowledge but outlandish stunts and experiments. How long can a free diver hold their breath inside a shark tank? How many children will it take to pull a 16-tonne truck? What’s the top speed reached by a caravan when it falls 50 metres? The answers are literally anyone’s guess…


    The money is banked by whoever is closest – the individual playing alone or the collective answer from the nation. However, it all comes down to who is nearest the answer on the final question. If the individual outsmarts the nation, they take home the jackpot, but if the nation wins, one lucky viewer is selected at random and claims the money!


    All Against 1 was created by Banijay Nordic’s Nordisk Film TV Denmark and Nordisk Film TV Norway, and remains an ongoing hit on DR1. Adapted across six territories, the format has also enjoyed success in Norway via NRK1, Finland via Nelonen and France via France 2.