Endemol Shine Israel’s New Format Uses Virtual Avatars to Help Celebrities Find Love Outside the Limelight

25 November, 2021

Endemol Shine Israel, a Banijay company, today announces it has developed a new dating format, Mystery Star Date. One of the first dating shows of its kind, this social experiment relies on motion capture technology to reset the dating scene.


This format,  allows celebrities to use  personalised avatars to keep their identity hidden whilst they date non-famous suitors. Aimed at removing anxiety over the suitors’ intentions and any preconceptions based on what they’ve read, the use of virtual avatars means the celebrity can be themselves as they search for a genuine connection. At the end of the series, when a bond has been formed, the famous persons’ true identity is revealed. Mystery Star Date is a bold new concept which is available to broadcasters internationally for production.


Amir Ganor, Managing Director of Endemol Shine Israel says: “Testament to our team’s creativity, led by Lee Gaon, this innovative format utilises mo-cap tech to alter how we approach dating. Given its uniqueness and cultural relevance, we anticipate strong interest from the market, particularly as consumer use of virtual reality is only set to grow.


Endemol Shine Israel, Twice International Emmy Award-winner, creates high-class multi-genre productions for Israeli broadcasters and global streamers. Its notable shows include Big Brother, Survivor, and the recent revival of The Money Drop. The company is also a prolific scripted producer with hit original shows such as Queens, of which the second season will air this December; the International Emmy nomineeFifty; and Valley of Tears, which has been nominated at this year’s C21 Drama Awards.