Banijay Productions to Produce Survivor for Vox and TV

18 October, 2018

Banijay Productions, a Banijay Group company, today announces the launch of Survivor in Germany with Vox and TV Now. Already with over 40 local format territories worldwide, Banijay Group’s leading adventure reality format is set to return to the European territory for a new series.


In its 37th season in the U.S., Survivor, the Emmy-winning Unscripted hit show has already proved a ratings success worldwide with key territories also including Australia France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands. And in Germany, the show will see 18 people sent to a desert island for 40 long days with barely the clothes on their backs. Split into two tribes, the contestants will battle it out in a number of challenges, aim to survive all that natures throws against them, and succeed in the testing social game, to find the ultimate SURVIVOR.


Contending with the extreme elements on the uninhabited island, cameras will follow their every move as they compete to win the cash prize. In each episode, the tribe that wins the challenge will earn immunity but that which loses, must nominate a tribe member to leave the island. In the final stages, the tribes then merge, and castaways must compete in the individual stage of the game to impress a jury of the outvoted castaways to vote them to be crowned Sole Survivor.


The greatest physical and psychological test, all potential Survivors must work in their tribes to order their own society, forage for food, build fire and shelter. With no outside help, castaways will be pushed to their limits as they desperately fight to remain on the island. Expect drama, laughter, moral dilemmas, tears and triumph over adversity, as VOX and TV Now go in search of the Sole Survivor.


Kai Sturm, Vox chief editor and entertainment manager, is looking forward to the genre expansion: “We are constantly looking for new ideas to expand our Vox portfolio. In doing so, we also come across a number of formats that have had significant success worldwide. Survivor is one of the world’s leading entertainment brands. From a pure adventure show to a highly intelligent and exciting strategy game with physical challenges, the show has inspired the entire Vox team. We are sure that together with the long-term international production partners and the team at Banijay Productions Germany, this will be an extraordinary modern implementation of the show”.


Moritz Pohl, Head Vod-Content of RTL Interactive and responsible for TV Now: “. TV Now brings online subscription video-on-demand to mainstream audiences. An important pillar of our content strategy is also working with partners to get shows like Survivor off the ground.”


Arno Schneppenheim, MD, Banijay Productions Germany: “Since Banijay Group acquired Castaway Productions last year, Survivor has become a crucial brand for the business and we are so pleased to be rolling it out in Germany. Vox and TV Now act as the perfect home for the show, sharing both our creative vision and ambition, and we are excited to get started on bringing a new imagining of the series to German audiences.”

The series will be produced by Banijay Productions Germany and all rights for the Survivor brand are held by Banijay Group.