Banijay Group to increase shareholding in Germany production Company Brainpool

1 March, 2018

Banijay Group, the world’s largest independent content creation group for television and multimedia platforms, continues to invest in the German TV business and will increase its shareholding in the award-winning Cologne-based production company Brainpool.

Banijay Group acquired a 50% stake in Brainpool in 2009 as a joint venture, and has now agreed to increase its stake in the company.

The augmented stake will come through the acquisition of the shares held by Brainpool’s Stefan Raab. Following completion of the transaction, Banijay Group will become the leading shareholder in Brainpool.

Producer and entertainer Stefan Raab, will once again become the main shareholder of his production company Raab TV, which will remain under the roof of Brainpool in the long term.

Brainpool is one of Germany’s leading production houses creating hits such as TV Total, Ladykracher, Beat Your Host, Pastewska, Celebrity School, Next Big Thing, Luke! The Week and I, Stromberg, Stars in Danger – The High Dive.