All Against 1 draws the crowds again in Denmark

5 September, 2017

Banijay’s All Against 1, the interactive, studio-based entertainment show which pits one contestant against the entire nation, hit a ratings high on Denmark’s DR1 on Friday following the launch of its second season, scoring a 39.5% share  and outperforming the primetime slot by 39%.

All Against 1 is produced by Banijay’s Nordisk Film TV in Denmark and Banijay Finland in Finland.

Peter Hansen, Banijay’s Nordic Group CCO, comments “All Against 1 is engaging family entertainment viewing at its very best.  The seamless integration of the app in All Against 1 makes the show completely interactive and has succeeded in drawing young viewers back to the screen.   It certainly is the primetime entertainment format of the future and we are delighted that the second season launch on DR1 achieved the number one position in this highly competitive slot.”

With a second season underway in Finland, All Against 1 has also been commissioned in Norway, produced by Nordisk Film TV, the format is currently in production for NRK.

Can one contestant beat the entire nation?   In this bold, addictive format, the contestant and the viewers are all asked the same questions, based on the outcome of a variety of unique and outlandish experiments, ranging from everyday science to crazy sports dares or spectacular stunts. The answer is literally anyone’s guess – so everyone in the country can play.

The contestant answers alone, while the average of the viewers’ responses via the app determine the nation’s collective answer. Whoever’s answer is the closest banks the money at stake. But there’s only one way to win the jackpot: be closest to the answer for the final question. Can the contestant out smart everybody else or will a lucky viewer claim the winnings for themselves?