News / Brainpool joins Banijay Entertainment

2009-07-02 10:30:00 - Paris

Brainpool joins Banijay Entertainment

Paris, 2 July 2009 – The international group Banijay Entertainment has taken a 50% stake in the capital of Brainpool, one of Germany's largest independent production companies. Brainpool will continue to be managed by its shareholders Jörg Grabosch, Ralf Günther, Andreas Scheuermann and Stefan Raab. Stefan Raab is one of Germany's most famous presenters, with his TV Total and Schlag den Raab programmes broadcast on Pro7/Sat 1 channels. Brainpool brings together 16 companies active in three key sectors: production (entertainment and fiction), interactive and TV production services, and exclusive joint ventures with numerous performers, including Anke Engelke, Bastian Pastewka, Cindy aus Marzahn, Elton and Axel Stein. With the arrival of Brainpool, Banijay Entertainment confirms its ambition to create a new player with international ambitions in television production. For Banijay, which is keen to bring together a stable of high-potential production companies and attract people recognised for their creativity and entrepreneurial flair, Brainpool is an ideal partner, since it possesses formats that are a perfect fit with international audiences and has the capacity to make the best use of Banijay's formats. "Brainpool's managers have demonstrated great inventiveness and ingenuity in building a diversified group, whose growing success demonstrates the relevance of its model and the merits of a strategy based on respect for talent. Banijay and Brainpool's teams will be working together to create a modern, dynamic group with a special capacity to meet the new requirements of international television markets," said Guillaume de Vergès, Chief Executive Officer of Banijay Entertainment. "Brainpool has always been a creative producer focussing on the development of exceptional talents and formats. Being part of the Banijay network of creative producers around the world adds an exciting international perspective to what was the goal of our work right from the beginning: to create entertainment on a top level that can travel the world" said Jörg Grabosch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Brainpool.