News / Tempted lures in new deals for Russia and Ukraine

2012-01-25 12:00:00 - Paris/Copenhagen

Tempted lures in new deals for Russia and Ukraine

Paris/Copenhagen – Just ahead of NATPE 2012, Banijay International has struck two new deals for its action-packed reality show, Tempted, which will see 60 x 60’ episodes going into production for MTV Russia and TET TV Channel Ukraine in 2012. Both channels will strip the show during prime time with the Russian version launching as soon as Spring 2012.

Additionally, options for the show have been agreed in Portugal, Italy and India.

Lika Blank, General Producer and Anastaia Korchagina, Head of Acquisitions from MTV Russia said, "The Tempted format is one of the most interesting and thrilling reality shows currently on the market. We are very proud to be the channel that will create the Russian version of this project. Our audiences are currently showing a most keen interest for this type of content and Tempted seems to be a perfect a choice because it is one of the most provocative, fast-paced and impressive formats existing in modern TV."

Karoline Spodsberg, Managing Director of Banijay International commented, “I’m delighted to announce these fantastic new deals for Tempted, the ‘next big thing’ in competitive reality. This is the only show where contestants must make agonising choices, ones which have viewers on the edges of theirs seats watching through the gaps in their fingers! It’s completely addictive, and unmissable.”

Tempted made its debut on the international stage at MIPCOM 2011 following a very successful launch in Denmark. Season one of the Danish edition improved TV3’s average share by an incredible 70% - out-rating all three seasons of former slot holder Paradise Hotel.

A sizzling new reality show where temptation lies around every corner, in Tempted everything comes at a price. A sexy and exotic location turns into the Garden of Eden for 10 contestants, who find that trees of temptation have been planted in every corner of their luxurious mansion. With an alluring, glamorous setting as a backdrop, Tempted is an action-packed reality series mixed with a weekly soap opera of biblical proportions that navigates the ethical and moral minefield of the common good vs individual gain. Strategy, cunning, and a snake-like charm are key, because at the end of each episode the contestants will vote out one of their own in the dramatic Doomsday ceremony - only to have them replaced with a new player who could be even more ruthless than the one before.

As well as Tempted, other new additions to the Banijay International catalogue which will be available to buyers at NATPE 2012 for the first time include BRAINPOOL’s iconic international formats - the huge live entertainment format Beat Your Host!, the hilarious sketch show Ladykracher: She’s a Crack Up and the decidedly wacky Rent a Host. In addition to these, the docu-reality format Young Mothers will also make its debut alongside established titles such as scripted reality show The Day My Life Changed.