News / Banijay launches new gameshow 'Faces' at MIPTV

2011-03-30 15:15:00 - Paris

Banijay launches new gameshow 'Faces' at MIPTV

Paris, 30 March 2011 – Industry powerhouse Banijay Group will launch an innovative, new game show entitled Faces at MIPTV, presenting a completed pilot to international buyers in Cannes. Faces is produced by Finnish production company Solar Television, with the TX ready pilot funded by Banijay Group.

The format will be sold globally by Banijay International and is the first of several new properties to launch with a completed pilot. The second, It’s Raining Cash, will be unveiled later this year.
Faces is an exciting celebrity quiz show format which features questions and answers based solely on famous faces. In front of a live studio audience, surrounded by screens, contestants battle for the cash prize using their power of recall, facial recognition, and sheer ruthlessness. Can they choose the correct baby picture of a celebrity? Order the images of a star’s ex-girlfriends chronologically against the clock? Strategically manoeuvre their way into the lead? And when they choose their opponents from the audience based only on their faces, will their instincts prove correct? Faces is fast-paced and media-savvy, tapping into our fascination with celebrity culture, the power of first impressions, and challenging the claim of anyone who “never forgets a face”!
Banijay has also developed a Facebook game to complement Faces so that viewers can try their own hand at the show before its broadcast launch! Facebook users simply click on the link through to the game to play, and after they have amassed their high score they can send a game invitation to their friends to see who can beat them!

François de Brugada, Executive Vice President, Banijay Group, said, “Banijay immediately recognised the potential of this concept. Faces is a highly original idea which will work across many platforms. The creation of a TX ready pilot following the presentation of a paper format shows the kind of back-up we give to new ideas - financially, creatively and commercially.  At Banijay we always have an open door to all creatives and prospective partners who are looking for the kind of assistance and backing that we can offer.”

Banijay also has plans to produce a pilot for quiz show It’s Raining Cash, a format developed in house by the Banijay Creative Factory which will be available to international buyers at DISCOP 2011. This show challenges a couple, one awarded the title of “The Brain” and the other “The Picker”, to answer enough questions correctly to lead them into tanks full of cash. Once inside, “The Picker” must grab as much of the cash in free fall as possible within the time limit. Over several rounds the difficulty of the questions increases, in tandem with the value of the notes in each of the six tanks. At the end of each round the couple will face the difficult choice of whether to take the money or gamble it in the next round for a bigger prize. At one stage they will have the opportunity to bank their winnings and move on, but will they choose the right time to use this privilege?